European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias


The team of EuraHS wants to thank all EuraHS users for their commitment and support in 2016 - hoping for 2017 being as successful.
We would also like to encourage our users as well as new members to use the innovative EuraHS Group Manager for sharing data with other EuraHS users, for setting up of new projects and research groups and to connect with other EuraHS users. 
For detailed information or help, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager.
Paper Open Abdomen Route 2017
In January 2017, first results using the EuraHS Open Abdomen Route for data collection were published in Hernia by group of Willms
"Open abdomen management has become a well-established strategy in the treatment of serious intra-abdominal pathologies. ...  Collecting data in a standardised, multicentre registry is necessary to draw up evidence-based guidelines."
For detailed information on the Open Abdomen Route, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager.