European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Annual Reports

EuraHS is the fruit of an extensive collaborative effort by the EuraHS working group members since 2009, under the auspices of the European Hernia Society.
Much has been achieved since the official launch of EuraHS in June 2012. Our reports intent to give a broad overview of those achievements, as well as providing information about the construction and function of the EuraHS registry, sharing some epidemiological description of data from the registry and providing insight into future developments planned for the EuraHS registry and iets projects.
Today, the EuraHS platform is in a healthy position. Feedback from the users indicate EuraHS a valuable resource and a useful tool to collect prospective and retrospective patients data or even manage clinical trials on a multicentre and international levels. Nevertheless, we hope to continuously increase the number of active members and cases in EuraHS. We realized the addition of user languages and additional operational route to the database. EuraHS was and futher will be presented at several international congresses.
In conclusion, the aim of the EuraHS registry is to improve care for abdominal hernia patients. With new and continued study collaborations, support from industry and inclusion of patient data, these aims will be quickly achieved.
All feedbacks on details presented in the report are welcome.