European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias


The Group Manager is a new tool of EuraHS released in December 2015. 
The Group Manager of EuraHS enables the user to share data with colleagues for joint research projects e.g. clinical studies. This can be done within a research group or on national or international levels.

The EuraHS Group Manager Guide will help you to created groups and to organise your cases in EuraHS. It will also give you tipps on how to use the features of EuraHS Group Manager.

1.  Start the Group Manager
2.  How to share your cases
  2.1   All Cases
  3.2   Selected Cases
3.  How to become a member of a group
  3.1   Groups invitation
  3.2   Groups request
  3.3   Groups creation
4.  How to create a group
5.  How to leave a group
6.  How to extract group data
7.  Groups overview
8.  Cases overview

In any case, if you have further questions, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager.

Please download here the: