European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias

EuraHS Quality of Life Score

In the literature, several generic Quality of Life (QoL) scores e.g. the Sf-36 score have been used after surgery. However, for QoL evaluation after hernia repair not all scores have been proven useful. 

Therefore, the EuraHS working group proposes a new and open EuraHS-QoL score, specifically targeting patients that underwent abdominal wall hernia repair pre- and post-operatively. The EuraHS-QoL score is based on a Numerical Rating Scale for three dimensions:

  • pain at the site of the hernia or the hernia repair
  • restriction of activities
  • cosmetic discomfort

The EuraHS-QoL score can be downloaded in several languages.
The Validation of the EuraHS-QoL score will is part of the research conducted by the EuraHS working group.
Just recently, the EuraHS QoL score has been validated by the research group of Filip Muysoms. The results of the Liquor Trial have been piblished in Surgery.
For more information, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager.